Who to Contact to Express Concern

According to Sonoma Magazine online, “Lisa Dundee, an architect who heads up the all-powerful committee that controls every detail of Sea Ranch design” is the primary person approving design, development, and tree cutting decisions. Ms. Dundee is also the president of Gualala’s Humane Society. [Ms. Dundee was notified on January 26, 2019 of the ongoing research at The Sea Ranch. Additionally, a formal complaint against Ms. Dundee is being prepared for submission to the National offices of The Humane Society.]

Ms. Dundee can be reached at:

Compliance & Environmental Management
Phone: 707-785-2316 • Tuesday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ldundee@tsra.org

Susan Clark, author of much of The Sea Ranch narrative published on TSRA’s website, is also President of The Sea Ranch Foundation. She can be reached at:

The Sea Ranch Foundation
P.O. Box 98 
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497 
phone: (707) 785 2989 
email: gwr@mcn.org

Administrative Offices • 975 Annapolis Road • The Sea Ranch
General Information and Member Services Phone: 707-785-2444
Email: info@tsra.org

222 • Facilities Reservations Member Services
226 • Member Assessments Haidi Calkins
227 • Finance & Human Resources Director Ellen Buechner
232 • Facilities & Resources Director John Prescott
233 • Safety & Security Services Director Chris Howard
234 • Information Technology Director Sara Windsor
236 • Administration & Management Services Director Janice Bonora
248 • Maintenance of Buildings & Recreational Facilities Schus

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