TSRA Tree Removal Process Needs Review

The removal of a tree from Sea Ranch destroys hard structure habitat for other animals. More than this, the removal of a tree impacts the entire ecosystem, and both the decision process and removal practice need to reflect that importance.

Currently, TSRA tree removal processes are opaque, and that lack of transparency steals power from those who would understand, contribute to, and participate in the decision-making process. Additionally, the details of the on-the-ground decisions and practice of actual clearing, cutting, and removing are not accessible to SR residents.

Development of democratic processes ought to include these questions:

What is the process for deciding a tree or trees are cleared, removed, and/or cut? What does the process look like? Who is involved? How are SR residents included in the process?

What does the on-the-ground decision-making process look like? What oversight measures are in place? Who is ultimately responsible for how cutting happens on the ground?

Does the policy-level decision-making process include consideration of nonhuman residents? How, specifically?

Is the decision-making process different in different areas of TSR? If so, why?

Who stands to profit when trees are cut, removed, cleared? Who profited from the most recent cutting, removing, and clearing? How was the decision to use the tree companies reached? Who was involved? What did that process look like?

What non-Sea Ranch wildlife experts are included in the process of deciding to cut, clear, or remove a tree?

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