#TheRuralPortalProject [archived]


Vision: The Rural Portal Project (RPP) will provide a uniquely connected community center which sponsors and hosts research, outreach, and education focused on understanding and creating enabling conditions for change.

Following establishment and the first year conditions study, the RPP community center will be a safe, inclusive space where local marginalized people are welcome to gather and connect. Based in study fundings, the center will also offer free access to interpersonal health resources, community media creation, and arts projects.

Care for interpersonal health helps reduce fear, uncertainty, and isolation while nurturing a sense of well-being and safety. In these enabling conditions, trust can grow and create space to imagine what’s possible. The focus on interpersonal health knowledge and care can create conditions necessary to feel fully human in a world that often dehumanizes.

rpp :: call for citizen-researchers

rpp :: 2018-2019 site calendar

Autumn on the grounds of the proposed RPP community center & research site.