The Reference Collection (2019: No Longer Ongoing)

“The Reference Collection” at The Center for U.S. Rural Cultures Studies is an ongoing project aimed at gathering current, living examples organized into categories relevant for the Center’s work.

The compilation and organization process is currently underway. What is listed here is always already partial, curated, and edited. Relevant, vetted contributions are gratefully accepted and included.

Rural Specifics

Modes of Democracy (Power-Sharing)

Authoritarianism (Power-Stealing and Hoarding)

Modes of American Authoritarianism: White Supremacy and White Nationalism

American Authoritarian Standards: Whiteness and Toxic Masculinity

American Authoritarian Tools: NRA, Militia, and Guns

Humans Capitalism Grows

Capitalism Eats Unprotected Democracies

AMAC and AARP Narratives

Human Relations and Change

Rural Oregon and Josephine County (Joco)

The Sea Ranch/Sea Ranch

The Spectacle: The 45th


Cultural Analysis more relevant than Economic Analysis:

Rural America is more diverse than ever:

Media ignores rural diversity:

No Signal = Rural Isolation:

Electoral College Favors Rural Regions:

Yet Another Example of Economic Rural Analysis:

Another Example of Economic Framing of Rural Issues:

Cancer Prevention and Treatment Inferior in Rural Areas:

Opioid Treatment Inferior in Rural Areas:

Rural America is in a Bubble:

Rural Youth Culture Description:

Poor Rural Healthcare Resources=Poor Health:

Dumping Toxins on Rural America:

The Rural Purge, Wiki Version:

The Rural Purge, Medium Version

Rural Information Ghettos

Rural Diversity: Why we can’t Ignore These Americans:

Colleges in Rural America Offer No Classes in Ag:

The Invisible Rural Ghettos:

Conservatives Despise Rural Americans

White Rural Poverty Ignored by the Left:

The New Rural Demographics, Much More Diversity:

Most Rural Analysis is Urban-Centered

Rural Cultures, Values, and Immigration:

General Rural Information

All Rurals are Socially Different:

Yet another rural analysis that reduces it all down to economics:

Yet Another Economic Analysis of Rural America:

Colleges Boost Small Town Econ (culturally marginalizing “native” rural populations)


Brian Porter-Szűcs, Everyday life under authoritarianism in Poland, 17 July 2018

Insa Koch, Everyday authoritarianism in Britain, 2018

Nur Amali Ibrahim, Everyday authoritarianism in Singapore, 8 March 2018

Marlies Glasius, Authoritarianism is in everyday practices, May 2018

Emily Walton’s “misrecognition” in a US rural culture, 4 November 2019

Tom Pepinksy, Everyday authoritarianism in Malaysia, 6 January 2017

“The danger is not simply that a bad person is at the helm, but that enough people are willing to go along.” HuffPost

“The president is tripling down on a very frightening politics that creates a rural-urban split, that takes honest voters in rural areas and gives them a kind of panic and fear over nonexistent threats,”

U.S. Surrounded by Authoritarian States

Evidence Supports the claim that the GOP is authoritarian

Populist Authoritarianism

Authoritarian Parenting: General Search

“Authoritarian” Voters

Vox discovers a few academics whose research awhile ago found authoritarian tendencies in some voters.

National Security Experts warn: U.S. is sliding into authoritarianism


Price of Speaking Up in Authoritarian Cultures:

White Nationalists Infiltrating Workplaces:

Yet Another Macho Undercover Drama, The White Nationalist Convention:

Yet Another Macho Undercover Drama, White Supremacist Groups:

White Women Tormenting Black Men and Women:

Racist White Women:

White Men Torturing Black Men and Women:

White Nationalist in the Coast Guard Plot, Guardian:

White Nationalist in the Coast Guard Plot, HuffPost:

White Supremacy and Nationalism in Sports:

Alabama News Editor Calls on KKK to “Clean Up”:

U.S. White House Senior Policy Advisor, Stephen Miller, is a White Nationalist:

Portland Police & Alt-Right:

Portland Police & The Proud Boys:

White People’s Intentional Ignorance:

Analysis of Portland’s Alt-Right Problem:

No Domestic Terror Unit for White Nationalists/Supremacists:

“All Hate Speech Matters” Hides White Nationalists and Supremacists:

U.S. Domestic Terror Unit Disbanded:

Yet Another Example of Police Hiding White Nationalists/Supremacists:

NFL Players: They need you more than you need them, Speak UP:

Federal Bureau of Investigation Hides White Nationalists/Supremacists:



Sharing Recognition is democratic:

Stripped of all his power and in the face of overwhelming power, this man tries to take his personal power back. Some find this funny. If you’ve ever had zero power while facing overwhelming power–while multiple guns are pointed at you–you might not find this so funny. You might see this differently.

Sometimes, leaving is the only way to take back stolen power:

New Zealand: Sharing access to human well-being is deeply democratic

General: Share Power with Young People

General: Parenting that Shares Power

Healing and Learning from Authoritarian Parenting (parenting that steals power)

One Way to Enforce Power-Sharing:

Ask The Teachers!

Giving the Stolen Power Back:

A New Generational Compact: It’s not either/or, child or adult. It is always already both/and:

Community Media Shares Power:

Local Rural Giving Shares Power:

A Living Wage Shares Power


Militia Terrorizes Immigrants:

NRA Panicked?:

NRA Pretends to be Bigger than it is (And it invokes ALL white people’s power if they don’t signal otherwise.)

Bolton’s Cozy Relationship with the NRA:


Business People Who Make Subprime Loans to Children

Americans with Years Hoarding Power and Resources:

Americans with Years who Ignore Solutions for Climate Change:


Healthy Relational Communication Necessary for Change in Rural Areas, Enabling Conditions:



Joco Clear Cutting

“Josephine County is somewhat unique in Oregon counties in being named for a woman…”

Narrative bites: Gender Justice in Rural Oregon

Northern Josephine County votes against funding law enforcement, primarily in Southern Josephine County

Reducing Josephine County’s Challenges to Econ, again

Another macho “undercover” rural story, Oregon Tale, the Medium Version

2014 Joco: No Tax Dollars, Little Law Enforcement

Our Land, the Patriot Movement, and the Bundys:

Land Use: 7 Differences Between State and Public Lands (from Protect Our Public Lands):

Gender Discrimination case in Grants Pass:

State vs. Federal Land Management in the West:

THE SEA RANCH/SEA RANCH (Sea Ranch NonHuman Residents Project)


Sea Ranch Architecture gets an upgrade–no section or discussion of current land or landscape management practices:

Sea Ranch Legacy, Utopia, Architecture–no section or discussion of current land or landscape management practices:

Sea Ranch Modernist Utopia, Architecture–no section or discussion of current land or landscape management practices:

SFMOMA promo piece–mentions “Environment” in the title, but no section or discussion of current land or landscape management practices:

Dezeen SFMOMA piece (scroll down to find Eleanor Gibson’s piece). Although the words “environment” and “landscape” appear in the article, no description or discussion of current landscape practices is offered.

Curbed Sea Ranch Oral History, Pt. 1 piece quotes Larry Halprin within a “utopian” narrative history, thereby effectively characterizing his “Live Lightly on the Land” ethic as currently “naive.” No mention of current TSRA landscape management policies or practices in this carefully crafted “complete” history.

Curbed Sea Ranch Oral History, Pt. 2 piece quotes Mary Griffin and Lisa Dundee grappling with how to save the human architecture from fire. Missing is any discussion or consideration of a sustainable landscape policy that protects both human and nonhuman habitat in this carefully crafted “complete” history.

Sea Ranch VIP sales narrative (PDF):

The Sea Ranch Association website narrative–landscape management declared and inferred as “Live Lightly on the Land”:

As The Sea Ranch wiki narrates it, no landscape policies exist beyond no non-native plants and no planting outside fenced courtyards. An incomplete description of grasses management only mentions sheep. Sea Ranch “owners” are free to cut and spray as they see fit. “Larry Halprin” listed under landscape–no further information is provided. (Hard, non-democratic firewall patrolled by Dundee-TSRA. Even with citations and documentation, attempts to add to an incomplete Wiki account–from a current resident of Sea Ranch–was declared “malicious.”,_California

Pre-2019 narrative

Utopia Rules at Sea Ranch, NYT 2015: One journalist’s experience at the Lodge. No mention of landscape architectural practices

Landscape Architecture Magazine piece that only quotes TSRA literature without any focus, description, or mention of actual landscape architecture or management policies or practices.

Ostensibly about landscape architecture and design, the blog post mentions nothing about those actual policies or practices; simply invokes Halprin.

Curbed article about specific Sea Ranch house. No utopia narrative; no mention of landscape management policies or practices.

All of The Sea Ranch Association rules. All related to architecture, building, maintenance. etc. No articulation of a functional, sustainable landscape management policy or practice.


The 45th Grabs for Control of the U.S. Military

The Democracy is Stronger than the 45th:

The 45th’s 2nd Amendment People:

The Women who Support the 45th:

“The Reference Collection” at The Center for U.S. Rural Cultures Studies is an ongoing project aimed at gathering current, living examples in categories relevant for the Center’s work.

The compilation process is currently underway. What is listed here is always already partial, curated, and edited. Relevant, vetted contributions are gratefully accepted and included.

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