Sustainable Landscape Policies Needed

Currently, only two restrictions on landscape alterations exist in The Sea Ranch: no perimeter fences and no non-native plants outside fenced courtyards. Human Sea Ranch residents are free to cut, spray, and clear as they see fit.

Policies and practices that protect nonhuman residents’ habitat do not exist at The Sea Ranch, except as they are inferred by “Live Lightly on the Land.” And that ethic has been functionally abandoned in practice by TSRA. No policy or practice protects SR Nonhuman Residents from human residents destroying their home, shelter, and safety.

The Sea Ranch Association requires a landscape policy (or set of policies) specifically dedicated to protecting its SR nonhuman neighbors. Without those policies, the other animals are at the mercy of human practices here that drive them out, stress them, maim them, and kill them.

No need to harken back to Lawrence Halprin: currently available and effective sustainability practices, with practitioners right here in the San Francisco Bay Area, provide plenty of guidance in protecting other animals’ habitat. TSRA landscape policy needs to be updated to include sustainable practices that respect SR Nonhuman Residents.

Most human animals live in habitat that displaced other animals. That is not reason to stop monitoring and changing human processes whose momentum continue to unnecessarily destroy nonhuman neighbors’ homes. Decisions about tree removal, herbicides and pesticides, grass cutting, and human architectural design need to reflect careful consideration of their impact on other animals who live in Sea Ranch


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