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A middle way: Process philosophy and critical communication inquiry”

Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication4:2. (2013)

“Conceiving change–understanding its process and how to create humane change–is the axis on which critical work turns. Process thought provides a relevant and useful philosophical context in which to address questions of change.”

“[T]he universe is, at bottom, a process of radically relational … communicative interaction.”

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Reconceiving person: Toward a fully democratic critical practice

JAC: A journal of rhetoric, culture, & politics, 30, 3 & 4. (2010)

“Imagining a critical practice that could create a society that consistently does not dominate, exploit, and annihilate others (of different species, genders, cultures, classes, races, ages, etc.) is a good place to start practicing an analogous politics. …A critical practice conceived in personalist terms opens up what I argue is the possibility of the most fully democratic conception of cultural critique and political practice imaginable.”

“Reconceived in personalist terms, person is a mode of being constitutive of value and meaning.”

San Francisco Sisters Lida Christ, Tearyn Upinjustice and Ray Dee O’Active at 2019 Easter in Delores Park, SF. Photo by Jennifer Cortez at MissionLocal.Org

“Queering the (sacred) body politic: Considering the performative cultural politics of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”

Sexual identities and communication in everyday life: A reader, edited by Karen E. Lovaas and Mercilee M. Jenkins. London: Sage Publications. (2006)

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence may help us to understand how it is possible…to use identity politically without the traps of identity politics. Identity politics have a general tendency to limit and fix both the political ground on which groups stand and the subjectivities presupposed by the identities claimed in the name of political action. …The Sisters use identity in their politics precisely by unfixing–from the norms established in various sociopolitical contexts–both the subjectivities they embody and the political ground they occupy.”

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Ethics and factory farm industry discourse

Encyclopedia of Animal-Human Relationships, edited by Marc Bekoff. CT: Greenwood Press. (2007)

“When nature and animals are viewed as resources, languaged as commodities, and treated as objects, advertising campaigns–that function to supplant that actuality with a virtual reality–support the conditions for the former. And, when virtual reality becomes the primary source of knowledge about the actuality of animals confined on factory farms, the erasure of that actuality supports the virtual. Challenging these discourses, for those moved to do so, is, thus, a particularly challenging task.”

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“Critical consciousness and pedagogy: Reconceptualizing student-centered dialogue as educational practice”

The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology, edited by Joe Kincheloe and Ray Horn. CT: Greenwood Press. (2006)

“What is at stake in the debates among mainstream and critical educators is the very psychological health and well-being of students and educators, as well as the possibility for resisting oppressive and inhumane constructs and, in the process, constructing just socio-cultural conditions. These stakes are far too high to simply privilege dialogue as the only means to develop critical consciousness, especially when institutional settings may preclude student-centered dialogue.” 

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