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Rural portal site, Kerby, OR

#TheRuralPortalProject (archived)

Vision: The Rural Portal Project (RPP) will provide a uniquely connected community center which sponsors and hosts researchoutreach, and education focused on understanding and creating enabling conditions for change.


The Accessible Academic

The Accessible Academic is the first electronic resource of its kind that makes Humanities research accessible to the general public. Why let all those great ideas just sit in journals? TAA gives Humanities scholarship life in the real world because open access to ideas can empower people and organizations.


The Humane Footprint

How deep is your humane footprint?

Walk Softly. Feel Deeply. Live Humanely.


Greenridge Heights Neighborhood Council

Greenridge Heights Neighborhood Council (GHNC) is a group of residents who identify, study, and act on important needs and problems of the neighborhood in order to create an engaged and enhanced community.


Illinois Valley Fine Artists (IVFA) 

As the longest established artist group in the Illinois Valley, IVFA provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive space for artists of all experience levels working in a variety of mediums.