Speed Barriers Needed on Leeward

The main Sea Ranch road, Leeward Road via Leeward Spur, is becoming a mini Highway 1. [Lisa Dundee lives on this part of Leeward.] The evidence is clear with respect to what roads to do nonhuman animals and their homes, shelter, and safety. My documentation also supports the claim that cars and trucks regularly speed far in excess of 25 mph from Leeward Spur toward Dune Drift beach and back. As my documentation also shows, the primary violators are SR residents and service vehicles. (Visitors here tend to try to follow rules, in my experience.)

One TSRA “Slow down: Wildlife Area” sign has been placed at the other end of Leeward, at Fish Rock. Without a sign like it on the Leeward Spur side, permission to exceed the speed limit in this area is functionally granted. TSRA’s choice to designate one side of Leeward as a “wildlife area” and ignore the other puts considerable pressure on the nonhuman residents who call the spur side of Leeward home.

TSRA’s choice to erect just one sign demonstrates a passive policy effort, one that avoids creating a new speeding policy, and instead effectively winks to residents and service people, saying “You can go as fast as you want to on this part of Leeward.” That there are few humans occupying homes on this side is not justification for ignoring all the nonhuman residents who live and shelter here. Again, TSRA has neglected to consider the SR nonhuman residents.

Questions that ought to be asked: How was the decision made to erect a “wildlife sign” on Leeward near Fish Rock? Who was a part of that decision-making process? How many other Sea Ranch residents were involved in this policy decision? What did the process look like?

A study is needed to document the traffic patterns and speeds traveled on the spur side of Leeward. Speed bumps or humps are particularly effective on roads like Leeward. In the meantime, signs need to be erected to slow traffic. More than this, SR residents need to make a commitment to “Live Lightly on the Land”: respect for nonhuman residents here will extend to how fast we drive our vehicles through their habitat.

TSRA responses: (1) 1 electronic speed measure sign on spur side of Leeward for half a day. It has been moved around The Sea Ranch and stayed in each place for no more than a day. (2) Removal of “wildlife area” sign from Halcyon side of Leeward.

Sea Ranch resident responses: increased speed on Leeward and open hostility.