How SR Visitors Can Help

Even though you don’t live in Sea Ranch, there are lots of ways you can show respect for and protect the SR Nonhuman Residents while you’re a guest.

  • Insist grasses not be cut to be “neat” for your arrival. Communicate that to your host, in your reservation or in a phone call.
  • Go the speed limit, even if a resident is impatiently tail-gaiting you. Residents tail-gaiting has happened to me, and I’ve witnessed it happening to visitors here numerous times. Remember, you’re protecting the nonhuman residents. (Other animals aren’t being hit. Instead, the road with speeding cars makes it hard for families to cross and it fragments their ways home. Slower vehicles give the other animals time to adjust. Fast vehicles scare and scatter them. Or, as is the case on the spur side of Leeward, the deer, quail, and other animals are being driven out.)
  • Zoom! Give the other animals space. Think about how creepy it would be if a stranger came into your home and followed you around with a camera.
  • Leave your world behind when you come to The Sea Ranch. Immerse yourself in this one.
  • Slow your fast pace.
  • Re-orient to see beyond the human.
  • Quiet the noise and activity you bring with you before you arrive.
  • Leave your “outside voices” in urban/suburban spaces.
  • Be sure your dog is on a leash, even on the property–SR Nonhuman Residents are living there now.
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