Etsy Store Manager Position Description

Position Available: Store Manager for DreamLightImages on Etsy🌞!

This is easily a full-time position. It can also be a dedicated part-time position.

“A perfect candidate will be self-motivated, organized, and will be able to see possibilities. This person will love Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest. For this person, this is the perfect opportunity to run an Etsy store and design products with beautiful images, but with no investment or risk. This person will make DreamLightImages fly!”

Everything below is open and negotiable.

This person can:

  • Manage the Etsy store operations
  • Design products initially using my images
  • Edit images for designs (for Printify, Printful, and Canvas Champs)
  • Market on Pinterest, Instagram, and in local venues

This person has these skills (or is developing them):

  • Creative design capabilities (in Printify, Printful, and Canvas Champs)
  • GIMP editing proficiency for images
  • Working knowledge of Etsy’s management features
  • Marketing ability on Pinterest and Instagram
  • Alternative markets knowledge, alongside Facebook and Amazon markets
  • Ability to work independently, synthesize information, and maintain self-care
  • A power-sharing orientation

Compensation: My initial time, resources, and image investment created the store, so for the first two months, we split the store’s profit, 50/50. Then, as your time investment and experience increase by 60 days, you earn 60% to my 40%. Finally, as your time and experience increase by another 60 days, you earn 70% to my 30%. An additional 60 days earns the option to buy the brand, as a labor shareholder. Earnings paid out on fulfilled orders and disbursed bi-weekly through PayPal.

Reach out on IG @etsy.dreamlightimages