Creative Projects

Research-Based Creative Projects

“ISO” is a 70-minute solo performance in development based on the author’s three years’ solo immersion in rural cultures. The deeply honest, darkly funny, and ultimately optimistically upbeat performance includes music, images, and characters that explore the personal contours and community impacts of social isolation in rural contexts and beyond.

A Tree and A Turn: How #30trails30days Saved my Life is a memoir in development that chronicles the author’s Instagram project, #30trails30days, focused on mental health. The book traverses the natural places that provided a sense of safety, trust, and well-being for the author while isolated in a totalizing world post-11.6.2016. (An accompanying photo-essay exhibit called “a tree & a turn” is also in development)

Reclamation: Learning to Fly is a novel in progress based loosely on the author’s escape from her authoritarian family culture background and how an unexpected re-immersion into those power relations post-11.6.16 helped her reclaim herself from her parents’ white, toxically masculine vision (an accompanying photo-essay exhibit called “reclamation” is also in development)

Planted is an original screenplay in development that tells the personal paradigm shift stories of a group of 5 urban graduate students immersed for a year in the solitary research of 5 different rural cultures.

a trail home” is a current series of autoethnographic blog bites (some recorded) that show pieces of the the author’s rural to home transition, from 3 years rural to the San Francisco East Bay.

personal narrative bites: healing