Cathy B Glenn is a grateful San Francisco Bay Area native who has published academic tales about queer nuns, Happy Cows, a spectacular SF prof, and metaphysics.

Chasing a dream with Bay Area blinders on, she traded way more than take-out for way more than fresh-picked when she moved rural (next to Cave Junction, Oregon) two weeks before the 2016 election ( She’s lived an unexpectedly brand new life, and she’s moved her experiences–all the lessons and gifts–home to California to sort, process, create, and share. She continues her U.S. rural cultures research at The Sea Ranch through 2019.

Cathy can’t live her life without access to trees and beautiful trails (@just.trees.yo). Her life is so much more creative with a reason to trespass and dance. ( She hikes solo, and while she’s gone, the current love of her life, Sparkles the cat, holds down the fort. (

Cathy’s current book project, A tree and a turn, chronicles the misadventures of a doomed (but enthusiastic) redemption-seeking human who moves to the land of 45th-mind, away from everyone and everything she knows, trying to make sense of it all. If you want to read the first chapter “Two weeks before, and two after” online, you can sign up soon to get notifications. (@dr.cbg)