she checks in–dips into the poison–so she knows the sea she sails

she will not–cannot—stay in that poison for long

her body will not let her

her heart races; she revvs like a mf

then the rage guns it and pins her against the seat


she started rationing news when she was trapped in the other world

she had no power, no position, no voice

she ingested daily passive aggressive hate for the outsider

for the californian

for that damn smile, for the fucking energy, that grating optimism


she learned to disconnect from what was killing her there, what is killing everyone

she learned how to be an island activist

she watches now as the addiction of the daily drama ravages users

how the accident spreads

how it takes us all down if we let it


looking at accidents has never interested her

she’s never seen any point

it’s already hurt or killed someone

she refuses to let the accident spread to her

flat. fucking. refuses.