slategrey blue line struts straightness
difinitively dividing sea and sky
greysmoke clouds defer, parting for
softly exploding pinkorange candescence

rose colored fog drifts and drips, sparkling while
vermillion swaggers, stealing light
commuting pinks to purples, roses to reds
as the source hides, illuminating everything

descending darkness diminishes structure
dampening warm ambience, erasing saturation
division disappears; sea sky horizon dissolve into
a moon rising to meet a setting sun



She makes her way slowly along the bluff, eyes adjusting to the early morning depths. As she walks, just the beginnings of outlines appear, above and below the horizon. Muted warm light reflects off shining footbridge handrails, revealing deep green and yellow mosses that feast on ancient redwood. Sand crunches under her soles. It’s the only sound that cuddles up to waves kissing the shore.

Standing on the little bridge, watching the sunrise in this place brings her to tears. It’s taken months for her body to believe she’s safe, for her mind to relax and accept, for her spirit to allow itself to be lifted. Every single day the universe lets her know she’s in the right place doing the right work. This morning, the rising sun blasted its way through the defenses her mind’s been slow to relinquish. (Sometimes a soul’s been parched for so long that the salve runs right off at first. It takes a little while to be able to absorb the good.)

She realizes she will never hear the sound of gunfire on this bluff, never hear it in her neighborhood, never across the street from her home. Here, she will never push her mind to rehearse violent scenarios trying to defend her kittens and she against an armed intruder. Hiking in this world, she will never come upon a sow whose gut has been blown out with small explosives. She will never stumble upon acres of naked, clear cut land. She won’t regularly terrify other animals just because she’s a human being. She will never again say goodbye to the sun for months at a time.

She reaches deep, but she can’t feel the bottom of her gratitude.